AFP is hiring a Johannesburg correspondent

Starting date: May 15, 2019

Deadline for applications: March 8, 2019

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa


The job

Reporting and desk editing about the region covered by the Johannesburg office. The Southern Africa region comprises of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Malawi, Zambia, Madagascar and the Comoros.

In addition to covering news, you will regularly work on features relating to sports, economics, society, technology, culture, health and the environment.

You should be prepared to cover breaking news, at times in hostile environments such as conflict zones or natural disasters.

You must respect the agency's values and standards, ensuring that content is accurate, unbiased and timely.

You should have a keen eye for the visual and multimedia aspect of coverage and closely coordinate with the photo, video and graphics departments. It is important to stress that all AFP journalists contribute to AFP’s newsgathering process in all formats, working for the common goal of reacting and high quality multimedia journalism. We do not work by silo or by product. Text journalists may write for the wire, but their journalism is vital for video dopesheets, picture captions and graphics. Our visual journalists also play a significant role in the gathering of information for the text wires. He/she will contribute on a voluntary basis to AFP’s presence on social media.

Use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and networking apps is essential, in accordance with the guidelines for using social networks as an AFP journalist. You are also encouraged to support the development of new formats, including close collaboration with AFP’s fact-checking journalists.

You must be ready to work long days and a wide range of hours, including early mornings and late nights, as well as weekends.

In an ever-changing media environment, the nature of the job could evolve in line with coverage demands and the requirements of an increasingly diverse client base.


The profile

  • Dynamic native English-speking journalist, with at least a first few years of experience in reporting and desk editing.
  • Competency in French is required to be able to translate stories from French when necessary.
  • Sound news judgment, equally at home with writing breaking news and focus/analysis pieces as with sparkling and original features from a vast and exciting region.
  • You need to demonstrate an ability to work under pressure.


The bureau

Managed by a francophone bureau chief and an anglophone news editor, the Johannesburg editorial team comprises of six text journalists – including a fact-checker - , two video journalists including a regional coordinator and two photographers, including the Africa photo editor. The team is assisted by a commercial manager and his deputy, technician, accountant and secretary.

The Johannesburg bureau covers news events in South Africa but also coordinates a network of around 35 text/video/photo freelancers across the region.

News from Southern Africa is varied, ranging from political unrest to wildlife conservation. The bureau is often called upon to contribute to pan-African stories that cover issues such as economic development and sporting events.


Life in Johannesbug

Living in Johannesburg can feel like living both in Europe and Africa at the same time. Shopping malls, theatres, bars and private hospitals and schools can make life very comfortable. The weather is pleasant, and the city's altitude (between 1,600 and 1,800 m) prevents the threat of malaria.

Crime remains a constant threat in South Africa, and the bureau is protected by a high wall and guard. Newcomers to Johannesburg are often shocked by the level of security in the city, one of the consequences of the stark inequality that persists despite the end of apartheid.

Life in Johannesburg is cheaper than in most African or European main cities.



Applicants should send CV and cover letter to:

Johannesburg Bureau Chief:

Africa editor:

Africa Director: