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AFP appoints first diversity editor

AFP has appointed Jessica Lopez to the new position of diversity editor.

Lopez was the author of a report on diversity in the Agency’s coverage that she submitted to the global news management in May 2022.

Announcing the creation of the position, which was one of the report’s recommendations, Global News Director Phil Chetwynd said: "It is essential for AFP's credibility that its editorial staff and content better reflect the diversity of the world in which we live."

Working with standards and ethics editor Eric Wishart and the editor-in-chief’s department, she will have responsibility for increasing diversity, including the representation of women, in the Agency’s coverage and ensuring that existing editorial guidelines are respected.

Lopez has covered gender equality and other diversity-related issues for AFP including poverty, disability and the ageing society, and worked on a multimedia project on femicide in France.

She covered many of these issues during her first job for AFP as a reporter in the Bobigny suburb of Paris from 2014 to 2016.

The Agency set up a diversity committee in 2021 to work with the human resources department in developing gender equality and diversity across AFP’s management and staff.

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