AFP management

Composition of the AFP executive committee

  • Fabrice Fries

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Phil Chetwynd

    Global News Director

  • Dalila Zein

    Managing Director

In alphabetical order

  • Boris Bachorz

    Brand and Communications Strategy Director

  • Eric Baradat

    Deputy News Director - Photo, Graphics, Data, Archives

  • Jean-Luc Bardet

    Deputy News Director - France Director

  • Christine Briemel

    Human Resources Director

  • Anne Calchéra

    Financial Director

  • Anne Dely

    Purchasing and Real Estate Policy Director

  • Juliette Hollier-Larousse

    Deputy News Director - Video and Audio

  • Sophie Huet-Trupheme

    Global Editor-in-Chief

  • Jérôme Jaroussie

    IT Systems Director

  • Clément du Limbert

    Deputy Director

  • Patrice Monti

    Sales and Marketing Director

  • Philippe Onillon

    Deputy News Director - Mobility and Projects & Regional Director Asia Pacific

  • Christophe Walter Petit

    General Counsel

Regional Directorate

  • Pierre Ausseill

    Regional Director Africa

  • Jean-Luc Bardet

    Regional Director France

  • Christine Buhagiar

    Regional Director Europe

  • Sylvain Estibal

    Regional Director Middle East and North Africa

  • Marc Lavine

    Regional Director North America

  • Maria Lorente

    Regional Director Latin America