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AFP Social Stories: the best of AFP packaged for social media

AFP is launching AFP Social Stories, a dynamic new format that packages the best of our photos and videos for social media. They are available in English and French.

"Stories" have become hugely popular across all social media platforms, from Snapchat to Instagram and featuring on YouTube as "shorts". These platforms are today a main source of information for young audiences.

To help our clients be part of this trend, AFP is making available more than 50 Social Stories a week. In the vertical 9:16 format, they can be integrated directly into websites, newsfeeds or apps.  

Every day the best of our photo and video reporting from around the world will be used to create clear summaries of news and events in clips that are less than two minutes long.

"AFP is adapting to new ways of delivering information. By launching AFP Social Stories, we are meeting new audiences where they are, and through choosing topics that mean something to them: the future of the planet, social issues, minority rights, etc." said Global News Director, Phil Chetwynd.

AFP's Social Stories are ready for use on web pages or mobile apps, and can also be posted directly into social media feeds (apart from TikTok).

The entire Social Stories catalogue can be viewed at AFP News, which groups and links all our content.

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