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Thanks to its international network and editorial expertise, the AFP offers high quality text services to paper, audiovisual, mobile and online news professionals.




Dispatches on a variety of themes




French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German and Portuguese




Dispatches delivered in XML format with metadata for an optimal integration

AFP journalists, active in every field, in France and abroad

In times of war as in times of peace, our journalists are constantly striving to meet the demands of news professionals in terms of speed and reliability.

AFP's text services cover all forms of information, from breaking news to magazines, reports, interviews and portraits. All themes are covered, including politics, economy, sports and social events.

Each dispatch follows strict guidelines for verification, contextualisation and perspective.



An international and regional coverage

Each text service has a specific regional identity, combining world news with news from the relevant continent and area.

AFP's text services are punctuated by regular publications of forecast agendas and editorial notes, allowing you to anticipate news coverage. Regional agendas list the major events of the next day, week and month.

 AFP text publications can be used via one or several services, or through a theme selection in one or more languages, depending on the needs of the customer. AFP text services are part of a global news coverage policy which also includes photo, video, computer graphics and multimedia services.

Thousands of clients around the world use AFP text services every day to meet a variety of needs:

  • News professionals
  • Mobile and multimedia service providers and integrators
  • Businesses and Institutions
  • Operators of public display networks
  • Available languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Portuguese
  • Metadata: key words, IPTC, financial codes. All AFP dispatches contain thematic keywords describing the important elements of the information provided, as well as the elements of the nomenclature proposed by the international IPTC coding body. The dispatches dealing with listed companies provide the codes of the stock exchange values of these companies.
  • Availability: 24/7
  • Distribution: international
  • Delivery: satellite, FTP, download website AFP Forum
  • Technical formats: NewsML-G2, IIM, NewsML-1.1, ANPA

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