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Topshots of the Week (24-30 December, 2022)


Selection of some of the most striking photographs taken by AFP photojournalists this past week (24-30 December, 2022).


People explore the ice covered pier in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada, on December 27, 2022. The ice formations were created by a large winter storm which hit the region on over the Christmas weekend. Temperatures were expected to moderate across the eastern and midwest US on December 27, after days of freezing weather from "the blizzard of the century" left at least 49 dead and caused Christmas travel chaos.
© Geoff ROBIN / AFP

A man takes a picture of a wall depicting an image of late football stars Diego Maradona of Argentina and Pele of Brazil embracing each other, in Buenos Aires on December 29, 2022, just hours after the passing of Pele.

Revellers dressed in mock military garb take part in "Els Enfarinats" food-battle in the southeastern Spanish town of Ibi on December 28, 2022. In this 200-year-old traditional winter festival, the participants --known as Els Enfarinats (those covered in flour)-- dress in military clothes and stage a mock coup d'etat as they battle using flour, eggs and firecrackers outside the town hall as part of the celebrations of the Day of the Innocents, a traditional day in Spain for pulling pranks.
© Jaime REINA / AFP

A resident carries water on his bike as he rides on a road in eastern Ukraine on December 28, 2022.
© Sameer Al-DOUMY / AFP

Venezuelan migrant George, 5, plays with a Captain America action figure while staying with his family on the Rio Grande river in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, Mexico on December 27, 2022. The US government's two-year-old policy of invoking Covid-19 precautions to turn away hundreds of thousands of migrants at the Mexican border will remain in place for now, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. The decision to uphold the controversial rule known as Title 42 stemmed off a looming political crisis for President Joe Biden, as thousands waited at the southern border in expectation the policy was about to end.

Vehicles are seen abandoned in heavy snowfall in downtown Buffalo, New York, on December 26, 2022. US emergency crews counted the grim costs of a colossal winter storm that brought Christmas chaos to millions, especially in hard-hit western New York, where the death toll reached 25 Monday in what authorities described as a "war with mother nature."
© Joed VIERA / AFP

Pope Francis salutes the pilgrims during the weekly general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican on December 28, 2022. Pope Francis said on December 28, 2022 that former pontiff, 95, whose health has steadily been deteriorating, is "very ill" and he is praying for him.

A passenger wearing protective gear is seen at a train station in Beijing on December 28, 2022.
© Noel CELIS / AFP