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Topshots of the Week (20-26 January 2024)


A selection of some of the most striking photographs taken by AFP photojournalists from the 20th to the 26th of January 2024.

AFP picture by Nhac Nguyen - Incense village, Hanoi 2024

In this photo taken on January 20, 2024 a tourist poses in front of incense sticks drying in a courtyard in the village of Quang Phu Cau on the outskirts of Hanoi. Families living and working in the "incense village" of Quang Phu Cau now also make sticks in yellow, blue and green, catering to visitors eager to snap shots for Instagram.

AFP picture by Piero Cruciatti - Riot in Vicence, Italy 2024

Demonstrators clash with riot police during a protest against the presence of an Israeli pavillion at Vicenzaoro, the largest show in Europe for the gold and jewellery industry, at Fiera Vicenza in Vicenza, on January 20, 2024.

AFP picture by Sam Panthaky -  Holy bath in Ahmedabad, India - 2024

Students from the Swaminarayan Gurukul school take part in a ‘Magh Snan’ or holy bath in Ahmedabad on January 24, 2024.

AFP picture by Valentine Chapuis - Farmers block the A64 highway - Carbonne, France

Farmers block the A64 highway, in protest against taxation and declining income, near Carbonne, south of Toulouse, on January 22, 2024. Since January 18, 2024, farmers have been blocking the A64 motorway in Carbonne near Toulouse. In France, as elsewhere in Europe, there has been an increasing number of farmers' demonstrations in recent weeks.
© Valentine CHAPUIS / AFP 

AFP picture by Juan Barreto - Deception Islands, Antartica - Penguins 2024

Chinstrap (Pygoscelis antarcticus) penguins are pictured at Deception Island, in the western Antarctic Peninsula, on January 24, 2024.

AFP picture by Benson Ibeabuchi - Clogged up canal in Lagos, Nigeria - 2024

A general view of a clogged up canal filled with styrofoam and single use plastic at Obalende in Lagos on January 23, 2024.

AFP picture by Raul Arboleda - Forest fire in Bogota, Colombia - 2024

A helicopter from the Armed Forces drops water to put out a forest fire in Bogota on January 23, 2024. At least four active forest fires hit several regions of Colombia and the capital Bogota this Tuesday, amid a wave of conflagrations due to high temperatures derived from the El Niño phenomenon, authorities reported.

AFP picture - A displaced Palestinian sleeps in a makeshift tent at a camp in Rafah, Gaza Strip

A displaced Palestinian sleeps in a makeshift tent at a camp in Rafah near the border with Egypt in the southern Gaza Strip, on January 21, 2024 amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.