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Launch of 'Your Planet': AFP's podcast 'Sur la Terre' now available in English


As world leaders are about to meet for the United Nations' annual climate change conference, COP28, we invite you to join AFP for 'Your Planet': an 8-part podcast series that delves into solutions for addressing climate change and the ecological crisis.


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The podcast 'Your Planet', produced by Agence France-Presse and The Conversation, delves into the remedies debated during the COP at a critical time for our planet.

This series will take you on a surprising journey, starting at Crawford Lake, Ontario, and transporting you to places as far apart as Huaraz in Peru, Reykjavik, or the tropical forests of the Congo Basin.

The series – composed of 8 episodes and texts written by academics and published by The Conversation – will look at solutions offered by the 'Global North' and their impact for the developing world, as well as solutions offered by the 'Global South' and how they might inspire the North. 

We will listen to top experts, scientists, and activists around the world mobilised to save the planet. We will cover hot topics such as the phase-out of fossil fuels, carbon capture and storage, nuclear energy, what is being done to protect the ocean... and how we managed to save the planet in the past. COP28 will start on November 30 and will last until December 12, a perfect time to start listening to this series that covers many of the issues that will be debated.

The first episode, "Is this a new era for planet earth?", aired today:


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Host: Anna Cunningham 
Executive producer: Michaëla Cancela-Kieffer
Editing: Camille Kauffmann
Sound design: Nicolas Vair with Irma Cabrero-Abanto and Sebastián Villanueva

This project is funded by the European Journalism Centre, through the Solutions Journalism Accelerator. This fund is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. AFP and The Conversation maintained their editorial independence throughout this project.