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Spéos joins forces with AFP to launch an exclusive training course in photojournalism

The Spéos International Photography School and Agence France-Presse are pleased to announce their partnership to create a unique training program in photojournalism, starting in September 2024. This course, taught in English, will welcome around 15 students. It runs from mid-September 2024 to the end of June 2025.  

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A unique course in photojournalism

This program combines the excellence of the practical teaching at Spéos with AFP’s expertise, offering students the opportunity to specialize in news photojournalism.

AFP, with its network of 450 photographers around the world, spans every continent with offices in 151 countries. The agency, which produces more than 3,000 photos a day, provides content for media around the world and regularly wins the most prestigious international awards.


Practical and theoretical training

The training will take place 5 days a week, with 4 days spent at Spéos and 1 day working with the AFP teams. The course is structured as follows:

  • The part dedicated to the specificities of photojournalism and news within a press agency will take place at AFP.
  • The part dedicated to the specificities of photojournalism and news within a press agency will take place at AFP.

Pierre-Yves Mahé, President of the Spéos Group, comments: “We are very excited to announce the launch of this brand-new training course in partnership with AFP, a key player in the field of press and information. Designed to meet the needs of today’s media industry, this intensive course will provide participants with the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge practical and theoretical expertise. Participants will have the opportunity to work with world-renowned photojournalists. This initiative demonstrates our desire to support the next generation of photojournalistic talent.”


Master classes and practical work

Each week, AFP organizes talks by leading professionals in the field (editors, publishers, photographers, etc.), master classes with renowned photographers from the AFP network, and themed workshops designed to give students real-life professional experience, leading to an end-of-year project.
A mentor accompanies the students throughout the program.

Marielle Eudes, Director of Special Photo Projects at AFP, said: ‘‘Studying photojournalism at Agence France-Presse and Spéos means learning to cover the news in all its forms through photography, at one of the three world’s international news agencies. This course will enable you to familiarize yourself with the workings of an international agency, its various departments, the links between the different news professions (text, photo, video) and the specificities of working in the field. It will also provide an insight into the specifics of being a photographer in a major news agency, often working under pressure.’’


Registration and selection of candidates

Applications are already open for the September 2024 academic year.
The course is designed for students with at least 2 years of higher education.
The course is taught exclusively in English.

For the first session, the number of places is limited to 15.
The selection process will be carried out jointly by Spéos and AFP.

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