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Sports video: World Sports in HD

AFP’s video teams and their partners provide high definition video coverage of world sports news, with a unique and innovative perspective: competitions (national and international championships, Olympic Games, etc.) as well as behind the scenes coverage (press conferences, interviews, portraits, presentations of international sporting venues).

Some figures:

- In 2012, AFP produced  more than 5,000 sports videos
- Production rose further in 2013
- Sports production today represents 12% of total video production
- In 2013, first live video of a previously unannounced event in sports news (PSG press conference on the arrival of David Beckham)

Events and competitions covered:

- Top world events: Olympic Games, Football World Cup, Euro, Confederations Cup, African Cup of Nations
- Football (Champions League, key matches for the Ligue 1 title)
- Other major sports sports: Rugby, Basketball, Handball, Athletics, Judo, Swimming etc.
- Outdoor sports, extreme sports, non-mainstream sports

In 2014, AFP’s video service launched Eurofoot, comprising videos of the most highly anticipated matches of each of the five main European championships: Ligue 1, Premier League, Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A, with training footage and press conferences and pictures of clubs, stadiums and football personalities. This production is available for both television and Internet sites. Websites can also access edited, Internet-ready versions via AFP’s online products.

Videographics :

Since 2008, AFP has produced a special videographics product for the Summer and Winter Olympics. For Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016, AFP will provide a detailed presentation on each discipline featured in the Games.

AFP’s videographics are produced in a video format in the agency’s six languages. AFP videographics have aleady won several prestigious awards, including the Malofiej prize for its presentations of 15 Olympic disciplines.