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AFP’s International Sports Photo Service covers all global sports events (World Championships, special events) and other international events (European Championships, Asian Championships, the Commonwealth Games, etc.).

The service provides comprehensive ongoing coverage of world sport in real time:

  • Photojournalists at major world sporting events (football, cycling, tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, Formula 1, badminton, table tennis, horse racing, show jumping, gymnastics, volleyball, handball, European and NBA basketball, baseball, martial arts, etc (list non-exhaustive)
  • Comprehensive coverage of international events such as the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, Cricket Tournaments, etc.
  • Complete coverage of English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese national football championships
  • Coverage of North American sports (basketball, American football, baseball, ice hockey)
  • Coverage on sports bodies, clubs, athletes and sponsors, with a special focus on financial interests