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31/10/2014 - Cycle-rickshaws are seen on a street amid traffic during a nationwide strike called by the Jamaat-e-Islami in protest against the death sentence for its chief Motiur Rahman Nizami in Dhaka

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31/10/2014 - People are reflected in a window as they queue to receive humanitarian aid at the Dombass Arena stadium in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk

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31/10/2014 - A soldier of the German armed forces Bundeswehr plays the trumpet during a welcome ceremony for the Georgian Defence Minister before talks with his German counterpart at the defence ministry in Berlin

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31/10/2014 - Indian Hindu devotees offer prayers on the banks of the Yamuna river as the landmark Taj Mahal monument is seen in the background during daybreak in Agra

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31/10/2014 - A Sri Lankan Air Force serviceman searches with a pole at the site of a landslide caused by heavy monsoon rains in Koslanda village in central Sri Lanka

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31/10/2014 - An Afghan resident carries a percel along a road in Herat province

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31/10/2014 - A Kurdish refugee girl stands during a rainy day at the Rojova Camp, in Suruc, a rural district of Sanliurfa Province

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31/10/2014 - A masked Palestinian youth throws a rock during clashes with Israeli security forces in east Jerusalem after police shot dead a Palestinian accused of trying to kill a Jewish hardliner

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30/10/2014 - Protesters pose with a police shield outside the parliament in Ouagadougou as cars and documents burn

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30/10/2014 - A boy sells pumpkins carved as grimacing faces with candles inside in a street of Tirana before Halloween

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