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31/07/2014 - An Israeli soldier carries a shell as troops prepare ammunitions along the border between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip

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31/07/2014 - Ukrainian servicemen rest in the shade next to an armoured vehicle topped with a Ukrainian flag as they take up a position near the eastern city of Debaltceve, in the region of Donetsk

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31/07/2014 - An Israeli artillery gun fires a 155mm shell towards targets in the Gaza Strip from their position near Israel's border with the Gaza Strip

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31/07/2014 - Children run along a street of the Altos de la Florida displaced's illegal shantytown in Soacha, outskirts of Bogota, Colombia

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31/07/2014 - Flyers are dropped over Gaza City by the Israeli army urging residents to evacuate their homes

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31/07/2014 - Palestinians inspect the collapsed minaret of a destroyed mosque in Gaza City

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31/07/2014 - An Israeli soldier walks past a Merkava tank along the border between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, after returning from combat in the Palestinian enclave

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31/07/2014 - Graffiti decorates the wall of an old house in the Tunisian island of Djerba

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31/07/2014 - A Palestinian man battles a building on fire following several Israeli strikes on Gaza City

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31/07/2014 - Young Indian Hindu devotees of Lord Shiva wade through floodwaters as they return from collecting water from the river Ganges, as they head towards the holy Hindu city of Varanasi during the month of Shravan, in Allahabad

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