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10/02/2016 - Sheep graze as a rainbow stretches across the sky near the southern Arab Israeli city of Rahat, in the northern Israeli Negev desert

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10/02/2016 - A World War II SBD Dauntless dive bomber is craned into position at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Virginia

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10/02/2016 - Revellers of Mangueira samba school perform at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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09/02/2016 - The pack rides in the Pearl Corniche district in Doha during the second stage of the 2016 Tour of Qatar cycling race, starting and finishing at the Qatar University

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09/02/2016 - A reveler performs during of 2016 National Carnival Parade in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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09/02/2016 - A Syrian woman living in a makeshift camp inside a farm holds her baby life near the Oncupinar crossing gate in Kilis

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09/02/2016 - A boy shouts the name of Davao City mayor and presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte during his party's proclamation rally in Manila

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09/02/2016 - A man walks out of a booth with his ballot for the first US presidential primary at the town hall in Canterbury, New Hampshire

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09/02/2016 - An Indian dancer performs a fire breathing act during the 661st anniversary of the birth of Hindu guru Bawa Lal Dayal Maharaj in Amritsar

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09/02/2016 - A man speaks on the phone at a phone booth with a poster of Pope Francis in Mexico City

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