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20/04/2015 - Israeli soldier salutes after placing the national flag on the graves of fallen Israeli soldiers at the Mount Herzel military cemetery in Jerusalem, three days ahead of Memorial Day

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20/04/2015 - A woman casts her vote at a polling station in Nautico neighbourhood in Havana, Cuba, during municipal elections

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20/04/2015 - A Yemeni woman, eight months pregnant and a supporter of the separatist Southern Movement, carries a gun in the Sheikh Othman area in Aden

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20/04/2015 - Indian Trinamool Congress activists carry party flags and tri-color balloons during an election campaign rally for the forthcoming state elections in Siliguri

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20/04/2015 - Supporters of Schalke cheer during the German first division Bundesliga football match VfL Wolfsburg vs FC Schalke 04 in Wolfsburg, central Germany

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20/04/2015 - Displaced Sunni Iraqis, who fled the violence in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, arrive at the outskirts of Baghdad

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20/04/2015 - People participate in the "Colour Run 2015" race in Paris

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20/04/2015 - Pilgrims watch the Shroud of Turin at the duomo in Turin, Italy, after it went on display for the first time in five years

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20/04/2015 - Displaced people who fled the anti-immigrant violence are seen in a camp in the village of Primrose, 15 kms east of Johannesburg, South Africa

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20/04/2015 - Men dressed as ancient Romans march past the Colosseum in Rome to mark the anniversary of the foundation of the eternal city in 753 BC

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