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17/04/2014 - Real Madrid's Welsh forward Gareth Bale celebrates after scoring during the Spanish Copa del Rey (King's Cup) final "Clasico" football match FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid CF at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia

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17/04/2014 - The crucified Christ of the San Bernardo brotherhood is carried through the streets of Sevilla during Holy Week

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17/04/2014 - Egyptian security forces inspect the wreckage of a car following a bomb attack in western Cairo

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17/04/2014 - A column of Ukrainian men sit on Armoured Personnel Carriers as they are blocked by armed pro-Russia supporters in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk

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17/04/2014 - Syrian refugee children make the V-sign for victory as they pose for the camera in the Zaatari refugee camp, a seven-square-kilometre (2.8-square-mile) camp that is home to more than 100,000 refugees

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17/04/2014 - People take part in celebrations for Thingyan, a water festival which marks the country's new year in Yangon

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17/04/2014 - An Afghan confectionery worker makes traditional sweets at a factory in Herat

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17/04/2014 - A Ukrainian MIG 295 fighter plane flies above pro-Russian activists blocking a column of Ukrainian men riding on Armoured Personnel Carriers in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk

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17/04/2014 - A man controls a drone to spray pesticides on a farm in Bozhou, central China's Anhui province

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17/04/2014 - A house sparrow searches for food among flowering plants in Kathmandu

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