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03/09/2015 - A salmon sprays US President Barack Obama as he picks it up while meeting with local fishermen and their families on Kanakanak Beach in Dillingham, Alaska

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03/09/2015 - Chinese soldiers conduct a practice at dawn ahead of a military parade at Tiananmen Square in Beijing to mark the 70th anniversary of victory over Japan and the end of World War II

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03/09/2015 - A young girl lays on a sleeping man from a group of migrants as they spend the night outside the Keleti railway station in Budapest

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03/09/2015 - Migrant holds a sign reading, "SOS help me" as he sits with other migrants in front of the Keleti railway station in Budapest

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03/09/2015 - Young dancers in Soweto take part in a class given by professional dancers from the American Alvin Ailey Dance Company outreach program

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03/09/2015 - Farmers have their tractors parked near a motorway in Saint-Manvieu-Norrey, northwestern France

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03/09/2015 - A couple sprays champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

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03/09/2015 - The new French National Police officers stand at attention at the Paris police headquarters during their welcoming ceremony

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03/09/2015 - Russia's Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft carrying the International Space Station crew blasts off from the launch pad at Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome

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03/09/2015 - Serena Williams of the US reacts to winning a set against Kiki Bertens of the Netherlands during the US Open

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