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31/07/2015 - A ball boy cries after posing with the players of Real Madrid before the kickoff of the International Champions Cup football match between AC Milan and Real Madrid in Shanghai

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31/07/2015 - An Afghan boy tries to catch a kite on the Nadir Khan hilltop overlooking Kabul

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31/07/2015 - An Indian Sadhu watches as others help to move his belongings to drier ground after his hut was surrounded by floodwaters as the water level of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers rises in Allahabad

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31/07/2015 - Apartments are destroyed following a landslide due to heavy rain in Harkhar, Chin State of Myanmar

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31/07/2015 - A Ukrainian soldier get a trim from another at a posititon held by Ukrainian forces at the destroyed Butovka mine near Donetsk airport

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31/07/2015 - Migrants trying to reach the Channel Tunnel run past a policeman on the Eurotunnel site in Coquelles near Calais, northern France

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31/07/2015 - Russia's Aleksandr Maltsev and Darina Valitova compete in the Mixed duet Free final event during the synchronised swimming competition at the 2015 FINA World Championships in Kazan

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31/07/2015 - Michaela Meijer of Sweden competes during the Pole Vault Women's event of the IAAF Diamond League Bauhaus Athletics meeting at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium

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31/07/2015 - An ancient stone is illuminated on the megalithic site in Carnac, western France, during a rehearsal for the 'Skedanoz' light show

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31/07/2015 - A rainbow spans the Reichstag building, seat of the German lower house of parliament (Bundestag) in Berlin

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