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18/12/2014 - Alan Gross smiles during a press conference after being released by Cuba, in Washington,DC

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18/12/2014 - ES Setif's goalkeeper Sofiane Khedairia saves a penalty during the penalty shoot out after full time in the FIFA Club World Cup fifth place football match between ES Setif and Western Sydney Wanderers in Marrakesh

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18/12/2014 - An aerial view of dry soil on the banks of the Atibainha river, in Nazare Paulista, during a drought affecting Sao Paulo state, Brazil

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18/12/2014 - Laid off public sector workers protect themselves from heavy rain as they march in central Athens

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18/12/2014 - Cubans watch president Raul Castro on TV while he addresses the country in Havana

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18/12/2014 - A young Afghan carpenter works at a woodworking workshop in Herat Province

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18/12/2014 - Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters celebrate flag day in the northern city of Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq

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18/12/2014 - A picture shows Christmas lights on a pine tree at Piazza Venezia with the Vittoriano monument in the background

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18/12/2014 - Indian Sikh devotees offer prayers at the Golden Temple on a foggy morning in Amritsar

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18/12/2014 - An ultra-orthodox Jewish family lights candles on the second night of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, in a religious neighborhood of Jerusalem

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