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29/08/2014 - People sit inside the project "Kuechenmonument" (kitchen monument) at the Berlinische Galerie in Berlin

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29/08/2014 - Female Afghan prisoners gather in a group inside the prison in Herat

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29/08/2014 - A Palestinian father carries his wounded son as they wait to be given the permission to cross into Egypt at the Rafah border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip

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29/08/2014 - Displaced Iraqi children, who fled their home a few weeks ago due to attacks by Islamic State jihadists in the northern city of Mosul, play at the Bahrka camp where they found shelter, ten kilometres west of Arbil

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29/08/2014 - An armed Ukrainian serviceman shoots as he combs the area with comrades after being shot at by pro-Russian militants at their check-point near the small city of Dzerzhynsk, in the Donetsk region

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29/08/2014 - A Pakistani supporter of opposition politician Imran Khan shouts anti-government slogan during a protest in front of the Parliament in Islamabad

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29/08/2014 - Palestinian supporter Jenica Wright gets a bucket of dirt dumped over her head during a rally before of the White House in Washington, DC

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29/08/2014 - A participant jumps in front of a Condes de la Maze's bull during a bull run of the San Sebastian de los Reyes Festival, near Madrid

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29/08/2014 - Children display their acrobatic skills at an underpass in Manila near where informal settlers' homes were recently demolished

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29/08/2014 - A Kyrgyz rider falls off a horse as he plays the traditional Central Asian sport Buzkashi also known as Kok-Boru or Oglak Tartis in Bishkek

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