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02/08/2014 - A member of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) looks out from a window at the central barracks on the 87th anniversary of the founding of the PLA in Hong Kong

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02/08/2014 - Fireworks explode during a parade in honor of the Savior of the World, patron saint of San Salvador city, El Salvador

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02/08/2014 - A child lies in a pool of water to cool down in central Seoul

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02/08/2014 - Palestinians displaced from their houses due to fighting between Israel's army and Hamas fighters, return to inspect the condition of their homes in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip

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02/08/2014 - Delegates from Moroccan regions attend a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of Mohammed VI 's accession to the throne at the palace in Rabat

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02/08/2014 - Ghana's Abdul Omar (L) fights against Pakistan's Muhammad Waseem (R) during the men's fly semi-final boxing match at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

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02/08/2014 - Warsaw citizens hold burning flares to pay tribute to the Polish fighters who fought Nazi German occupation troops in 1944, during ceremonies to mark the 70th anniversary of the start of the Warsaw uprising

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02/08/2014 - An Indian snake charmer holds snakes in Jalandhar during the 'Naag Panchami' festival, where Hindu devotees offer milk, bananas and coconuts to snakes in the hope it will protect them from bites

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02/08/2014 - A Palestinian boy walks over debris as displaced civilians return to check their homes in Gaza City's Shejaiya neighbourhood

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02/08/2014 - A young boy poses amid baskets of shrimp at the main fish market in Kuwait City

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    Despite slim chance of success, India rescuers continue search for survivors of landslide that has so far killed 73

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    Actors from the performance group Medaman-Medaman walk through a park in Tokyo, Japan during a local summer festival

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    Reports Australian couple abandoned Down Syndrome baby with his surrogate mother in Thailand raise surrogacy fears