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AFP management


Composition of the AFP executive committee

  • Emmanuel Hoog

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Michèle Léridon

    Global News Director

  • Rémi Tomaszewski

    Managing Director

In alphabetical order:

  • Pierre Célérier

    Deputy News Director

  • Marielle Eudes

    Managing Editor

  • Francis Kohn

    Photo Director

  • Philippe Le Blon

    Human Resources Director

  • Olivier Lombardie

    Sales and Marketing Director

  • Emmanuel Marcovitch

    Deputy Managing Director – Administrative and Financial Director

  • Caroline Raveton

    Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Christophe Schmidt

    Deputy News Director

  • Marie-Noëlle Vallès

    Video Director

  • Sylvie Vormus

    Director of Communications and Corporate Brand

  • Christophe Walter Petit

    General Counsel

Regional Directorate

  • Christine Buhagiar

    Regional Director Europe

  • Christian Chaise

    Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa

  • Juliette Hollier-Larousse

    Regional Director Latin America

  • Philippe Massonnet

    Regional Director Asia Pacific

  • David Millikin

    Regional Director North America

  • Philippe Onillon

    Regional Director France

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