Available in over 25 languages, a real-time application is available to cover international competitions, such as Euro 2008 and 2010 World Cup. Ready-to-use for websites, this module provides live results, standings, calendar, optional videos & photos, etc. > Test our Euro 2008 application.
Ready-to-publish & ready-to-customize websites, available in English, Spanish and French (German coming soon), covering international competitions in details : news, pictures, live results, calendar, factfiles, and much more ! > Discover our Euro 2008 website.
Talented photographers & state-of-the-art technology for stunning pictures !
Over 30,000 photos where taken & published by AFP during the Euro 2008. Many national & international competitions covered. Enjoy our Euro 2008 photo selection (no publication and/or commercial use allowed).
A dedicated video production team is covering international events. Over 60 video clips (covering trainings, press conferences, fans, "around the competition"...) where produced during the Euro 2008, in 4 languages
Many more features already planned for South Africa 2010 !
All our videos can be embedded into our Flash applications or websites, and are available as web or broadcast qualities.
French "Ligue 1", English "Premiership", Spanish "Liga", German "Bundesliga"... a total of 8 European chamionships covered live by our web-ready Flash modules.
Any language available, ad-friendly, and customizable ! Contact-us for a full list of available chamionships or to test any module. > Test our Dutch championship module.
Also available : XML result’s feeds for many football championships & major competitions, mobile applications, text feeds,…
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