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Designed for TV news and websites, AFP Videographics bring together text, images, photos, videos and 3D modeling elements with audio commentary and a separate dopesheet, offering an in-depth understanding of complex stories.





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English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic



Products adapted to digital platforms, tablets and mobiles

Providing eye-catching and accurate products to some of the biggest news providers around the world, AFP helps supplement limited coverage of breaking news with visual chronologies of major events, latest trends in technology, explanation of concepts, etc:

  • Global coverage with a special focus on the biggest breaking news stories.
  • Reconstruction of the biggest events (Costa Concordia disaster, Pistorius case…).
  • Detailed coverage of feature stories such as the digital currency Bitcoin, endangered species, child labor…
  • In-depth treatment of scientific topics relating to health, technology, the environment, etc.


The last few years, AFP has been awarded two prestigious prizes for its videographics:

  • Awarded at WAN-IFRA 2011 (World Association of Journalists and Press Editors) - Asian Digital Media Awards: videographic first prize in the “Best online animated graphics” category.
  • Malofiej 2010 Award (annual competition selecting the best print and online infographics, awarded by the Society for News Design): online infographics category.

AFP videographics 2022

  • Unlimited and capped subscription packages provide access to the complete service.
  • Subscription to the Online News gallery.
  • Video formats MPEG4 HD 16/9, Flash, WMV – compatible with all devices – all documents are provided with separate script and audio files
  • Editable format for translation and integration in your news report
  • AFP Forum web platform: available worldwide, 24/7
  • Internet-ready Online News Galleries
  • Full feed delivery via FTP

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