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  • DPPI

    DPPI is a specialized sports photo agency created in 1965. Its initial offer was for photographs around the world of auto racing, but in the 1980s started covering sports of all kinds. Today, DPPI's archives comprise over 10 million photos.

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  • Getty Images

    Getty is a global digital media provider. It produces and distributes royalty-free images, rights managed images, celebrity photos, online music and video, enabling communication professionals the world over to tell their stories.

    Getty provides AFP with a comprehensive range of royalty-free images, rights managed images, news, sport and celebrity pictures along with picture archive collections.

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    For more than 20 years, IMPIRE AG has been Germany ́s biggest supplier of football statistics and editorial services for the media and clubs. Today IMPIRE AG is turning into a leading supplier of cutting edge technologies for football analysis around the globe. With the start of the 2013/14 season, IMPIRE markets the official game data of the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga of the German Football League (DFL) and refines this data in their own products and services. AFP Gmbh and SID partner with Impire in the Bundesliga coverage.


    Infostrada Sports is the world leader in collecting, analysing and managing sports data for every professional sport. This data is published on any platform, in any desired format and at any time. The Infostrada Sports database contains information on results & rankings, athletes & teams and much more. We keep track of more than 300 sports and deliver both live and historical data. No other company in the world has these amounts of historical data available. Three types of services follow from this world class database: Content Services, Media Services and Analytics Services. The sports information from the database also forms the foundation of the Infostrada Sports’ Event Services. AFP uses Infostrada data, for a deep coverage of all sport results.

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  • Mexsport

    MexSport Digital, launched in 2000, is the leading photo agency covering sports news in Mexico. Today it is the official agency for Mexico's Olympic Committee (COM), the Mexico Open (tennis) and the CONCACAF. MexSport tailors its content for the media, websites and communication agencies.

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  • PhotoSport

    Chile’s premier news agency specialised in sporting events, providing  daily coverage of key sports events in Chile, including motor sports, horse racing, rugby, tennis and sailing. It also provides comprehensive coverage of Chilean football, from local fixtures to coverage of all the national team’s matches, training, trips, social events, etc.

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