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Tired of BAD news? AFP-Relaxnews offers an escape from the daily grind. In partnership with Relaxnews, the first leisure news agency, it provides news on upbeat, practical and entertaining subject matter on a worldwide basis.

AFP-Relaxnews offers a unique richmedia service. Text, photos, slideshows, videos and a world events calendar dedicated to leisure and lifestyle all all delivered to the same editorial platform. AFP-Relaxnews provides trend reports, practical information, studies, indicators, new products on the market, features on well-being, house & home (technology, fashion, design, consumption), entertainment and tourism.

1600 illustrated stories 100 must-see events 60 slideshows

of 5 to 12 photos each

60 ParisModes TV videos

and 30 AFP TV lifestyle videos

2 languages

English, French. More languages coming soon

photo formats (original, fixed height, fixed width, square)

video formats (3g2, f4v, mp4, mpg in 4/3 and 16/9)


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A "one stop shop" to maximize impact, time & money AFP-Relaxnews is the first newswire dedicated to leisure and lifestyle. Subscriptions available in English and French for print/digital reproduction or just consultation purposes:, 1600 stories per month, always accompanied by a picture and often an embedded video. 100 must-see events around the world for the three coming months. 60 dynamic photo slideshows per month. 40 ParisModes TV videos per month about fashion weeks, trends and luxury plus a selection of 30 AFP TV video reports per month.


20 leisure topics:

Well-Being = Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Sport, Beauty & Cosmetics. House & Home = Interiors & Design, Environment, Technology, Fashion, Household Consumption. Entertainment = Art, Shows & Exhibitions, Cinema, Video games, Books, Music, Television & Media, Internet. Tourism = Cars & Motorbikes, Gastronomy, Hotels, Destinations, Transport.


Targeted multiple-channel selections:

Luxury, Women, Celebrity, Products, Tips & Deals, Trends, Offbeat…


Hot topics:

Fashion Week, Oscars, international motor / technology / video games shows, highlights, buzz-generators and practical information for major international sporting events (Olympic Games, Rugby, Football)…

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