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The MediaLab

Agence France-Presse Medialab is a multi-disciplinary team of journalists, engineers, and developers.


Monitoring trends and new technologies/Research and Development

AFP Medialab, originally set up as a multimedia development department in the early 2000s, is exploring new paths in information structuration, management and visualisation to create more attractive and interactive content. It is an automated, multilingual and multi-screen approach, aimed at iPhone and iPad apps and web platforms and connected TV.

AFP Medialab fosters innovative projects from the structuring of information (knowledge extraction, content annotation, semantic web) to new visualisation systems (dynamic and geographically contextualized cartographies, mashups).

In addition to partnerships with innovative startups and innovative SMEs, AFP Medialab participates in several R&D projects with French or European funding, as well as forums on innovation, such as Futur en Seine (June 2013) and Media Hack Days of the World Association of Newspapers and Publishers (WANIFRA in Berlin on October 5th and 6th 2013).

  • Prototype AFP-4W: media events search engine for the generation of on the fly web pages, geographical mashups and timelines.
  • Automatic speech analysis and transcription in videos and synchronization of text with image (French, English and Arabic).
  • Partnership with Joshfire for the provision of a cross-device application (tablet, connected TV, computer) for mapping multimedia AFP production.
  • Automatic Twitter feed (@AFPmostpopular)
  • iPhone apps

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