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Malaysia/Singapore Fact-Check Correspondent

AFP is seeking a reporter with strong digital investigation and precise writing skills to join its Kuala Lumpur bureau to report on disinformation in Malaysia and Singapore.

The role is an exciting opportunity to be a part of AFP's fast-growing fact-checking network, which has seen it take a leading role in the fight against fake news across Asia and globally.

The successful applicant will be required to discover, research and write fact-checks in English and Malay. The beat will primarily be focused on Malaysia and Singapore, although reports will often also explore regional and global issues.

The fact-check reports will be for publication on AFP's blogs and its wire.

The position requires someone who can easily navigate the underworld of online and digital disinformation, whether that be on major social media platforms such as Facebook, discussion boards or encrypted chat apps. As such, the applicant must demonstrate an expertise in digital verification techniques and tools, as well as being able to easily detect fake news.  

The role requires an ability to work in a fast-paced multimedia newsroom and meet tight deadlines. While the reporter will specialise in fact-checking, duties may also extend to other roles in the bureau depending on the demands of daily news coverage.

Other languages and media skills -- including in photography, video and graphics -- are an asset.

Please apply to with a CV and a covering letter of less than 400 words explaining why you are interested in the job and suitable for it.

The job will start in March 2019.


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