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Winter Games: robots at the service of AFP photographers

Already pioneer in the use of underwater robots, AFP always goes one step further for the major sporting events. Robotic cameras allow photographers to go where no photographer had gone before, and therefore offer brand-new shots to the public.


AFP photographers use robots that are developed in collaboration with Nikon. The Agency brings an expert knowledge as well as practical advices.

In Pyeongchang, 4 robots are set up in different areas and about ten remote cameras complete the system. 



The robot installed for biathlon represents the main innovation for the Winter Olympics. AFP received authorization to position the robot in front of the shooting range with a distance of 50 meters from the athletes, which would be an inaccessible angle otherwise. The equipment quality offers the possibility to take amazing pictures from a whole different angle at such a distance.



The rest of the robotic system includes a robot set up on the stadium roof of the opening ceremony to take overview pictures, another one for curling which allows to take more sophisticated shots from the top, as well as a robot dedicated to the medals ceremony.