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Inside AFP

Two AFP exhibitions displayed during the 10th edition of Lodi’s Ethical Photography Festival

From the 5th to 27th of October, the Festival della Fotografia Etica hosts two AFP retrospectives in the Italian city of Lodi.


Guillermo Arias and Pedro Pardo’s exhibition « The Caravan » shows the dramatic journey of migrants from Central America to the US. From Guatemala, Honduras or Salvador, these people flee the extreme violence and the economic crisis of their countries. These migrants travel by groups inside of massive caravans hoping for a better life. Both of them won prestigious prizes for this coverage including the Visa d’or news for Guillermo Arias and a World Press for Pedro Pardo this year.


The second exhibition named « Yellow Vests » shows the work of a dozen of photographers who covered the events rassembling hundreds of thousands individuals, week after week and in major cities of the country. Among the 40 mobilized journalists, three Syrian photographers who left their country at war also covered the events.