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Jonathan Näckstrand, winner of the Swedish Press Photography Arets Bild 2018/2019

The AFP photograph Jonathan Näckstrand, received, Saturday 16th march 2019 in Stockholm, the first prize in the national news photo category, at the prestigious Swedish Press Photography Arets Bild which honors the best Swedish pictures of the year, organized by the Press Photographs Association of Sweden (PFK).

2/10/2018 – Stockholm, Sweden – Former Swedish Academy's Permanent Secretary Sara Danius (C) sits inside of the Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden, prior to the Nobel Prize Award ceremony 2018. © Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP



03/17/2019 - Stockholm, Sweden – Photographer Jonathan Nackstrand of Agence France-Presse (AFP) poses in front of his winning picture (top) after he was awarded the Swedish Press Photography Arets Bild 2018/2019 prize on March 16, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. © Joel Marklund / AFP