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FACTSTORY documentary about Nigeria awarded in Los Angeles

FACTSTORY's documentary Nigeria: Surviving Boko Haram has been awarded "Best research and investigative documentary" at the Angeles Documentaries  festival in Los Angeles. 

This 24-minute documentary was co-produced in 2021 by production company FACTSTORY, which is a subsidiary of AFP, Arte/France 24 and with the support of CNC. It was written by Yann Ollivier, Pierre-Olivier François and Moïse Gomis.

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Fatima, 26, was forcibly married to a Boko Haram commander. She did so to prevent her son from being turned into a child soldier by the Islamist sect. But since then, her family has disowned her and called her a "Boko Haram wife". Falmata, 50, saw that Boko Haram put a price on her head simply for being a businesswoman. She barely survived, but lost everything in her hometown of Bama, and does not know how she will feed her five children and three orphaned nephews. As for 70-year-old Mala, he survived a recent massacre of peasants but has not dared to go back to the fields since. 


  • Duration: 24 minutes 
  • Airing: May 29 on Arte Reportage and Reporters (France 24) 
  • Written by Pierre-Olivier François, Moïse Gomis and Yann Ollivier 
  • Directed by Pierre-Olivier François, Moïse Gomis 
  • Produced by FACTSTORY, ARTE GEIE, France Médias Monde 
  • Camera: Fati Abubakar 
  • Translations: Hamza Suleiman 
  • Editing: Julia Saccani 
  • Colour-grading: David Chantoiseau 
  • Mixing: Régis Diebold