Inside AFP

AFP’s first appearance at the Centre Pompidou

Until February 24th 2020, the Centre Pompidou will be displaying the “Calais – Witnessing of the Jungle” exhibition in collaboration with AFP.

The “Calais – Witnessing of the Jungle” exhibition is conceived as a comparative experience of imagery surrounding migration. More specifically, it addresses the situation of refugees and exiles living in the camp near Calais, nicknamed the “jungle”, prior to its dismantlement in October 2016.

The exhibition explores the various functions, roles and perceptions of the image through three approaches: AFP’s photos and videos displayed in the media, Bruno Serralongue’s study of clichés in his documentary project Calais (2006- 2018) and finally accounts from former inhabitants of the “jungle”.

The section created in collaboration with AFP showcases the agency’s content along with interviews with photographer Lille Philippe Huguen, the editor-in-chief of photography for France Olivier Morin, and Virginie Grognou, currently deputy editor-in-chief in Paris and formerly video journalist at the Lille office.

AFP is proud of this first collaboration with the National Museum of Modern Art / Centre Pompidou, and more specifically its Cabinet de la Photographie.


Free entry from October 16th 2019 until February 24th 2020 from 11AM TO 9PM

Galerie de photographies, Centre Pompidou (Forum level -1)