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AFP has world scoop on a draft climate science report

AFP scored a world scoop by publishing a new and very concerning draft report from UN climate experts. The report serves as the international reference document to measure how the planet is warming.

Hundreds of scientists contributed to this 4,000-page report, the previous edition of which came out in 2014. Their assessment of the speed and consequences of climate change is more alarming than ever.

AFP used this draft report, whose main conclusions are unlikely to change between now and its official publication in February 2022, to illustrate the expected effects of the climate emergency with a series of multimedia reports – from Dacca to Cape Town and Venice. The video can be seen here. Dozens of explainers, photos and graphics rounded out the coverage.

This exclusive reporting has been cited by several international media, while climate activist Greta Thunberg told AFP that the report allows the world to ‘face the reality’ of climate change.

“This is a superb example of AFP’s strengths. Beyond the scoop on the IPCC draft report, very few media would have been able to produce such a package. This reaffirms our decision to make environment an editorial priority,” commented Phil Chetwynd, AFP’s Global News Director.