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AFP on the field to cover the Ghouta tragedy

As it does since the very beginning of the Syrian conflict, about 7 years ago, AFP works on the field to make the world realize about the tragedy currently happening in the Oriental Ghouta, a rebel headquarter near Damas. Since Sunday, a true downpour of fire is falling on these neighborhoods, besieged since 2013 by the by government forces and their allies. About 300 people died during these four days.

Despite the danger, for them as for their families, the Syrian freelancers working for AFP in the Eastern Ghouta continue to testify. Whether it is by photographs, videos or texts, Abdulmonam Eassa, Hasan Mohammed, Amer al-Mohibany, Hamza al-Aiweh and their colleagues inform the world in real time about the fate of the nearly 400,000 inhabitants of that area. Their heartbreaking images and stories are the main – and sometimes the only – source of information about these events. This also confirms the quality of the local reporters’ network organized by AFP in Syria over the last years. This network, with no comparison, enabled AFP to maintain, since the very beginning of the Syrian conflict, a balanced coverage placed under the label of excellence.


abdulmonam eassa, ghouta, syrie


abdulmonam eassa, ghouta, syrie


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