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AFP Fact Check joins UNESCO panel on misinformation in Myanmar

Senior Asia Fact Check Editor Rachel Blundy joined a panel discussion on October 24 to mark UNESCO's publication of journalism training handbook 'Journalism, Fake News and Disinformation’ in Burmese.

The book has already been translated into 17 languages. Rachel was joined in the discussion by Ramon Tuazon, Media Development Specialist of UNESCO Myanmar, and host U Kyaw Min Swe, Executive Director of Myanmar Journalism Institute & Chief Editor of the Voice Weekly.

AFP Fact Check, which is part of Facebook's Third Party Fact Checking Programme, launched its Burmese fact checking service in June this year from its Yangon bureau. AFP, a signatory to the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN), is now the world's largest fact checking agency, with nearly 100 staff covering 79 countries in 17 languages.

The discussion can be watched on the following Facebook pages: