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Documentation for topics 

All documents produced by AFP are classified according to the IPTC nomenclature of mediatopics (

The filters, arranged  by topics available on the platform, use the classification found within each document to associate it with one or several categories based on the following groups: 


General news  Politics (mediatopic 11000000)
  Crime, law and justice (mediatopic 02000000)
  Conflict, war and peace (mediatopic 16000000)
  Arts, culture, entertainment and media (mediatopic 01000000) if also contains Culture (mediatopic 20000038) or Mass media (mediatopic 20000045)
  Human interest (mediatopic 08000000) if also contains Anniversary (mediatopic 20001237)
  Disaster, accident and emergency incident (mediatopic 03000000)
Business Labour (mediatopic 09000000)
  Economy, business and finance (mediatopic 04000000)
Sport  Sport (mediatopic 15000000)
Environment Environment (mediatopic 06000000)
  Weather (mediatopic 17000000)
Social Issues Education (mediatopic 05000000)
  Society (mediatopic 14000000)
  Religion and belief (mediatopic 12000000)
Science Health (mediatopic 07000000)
  Science and technology (mediatopic 13000000)
Lifestyle Arts, culture, entertainment and media (mediatopic 01000000) if doesn’t contain Culture (mediatopic 20000038) nor Mass Media (mediatopic 20000045)
  Lifestyle and leisure (mediatopic 10000000)
  Human interest (mediatopic 08000000) if doesn’t contain Anniversary (mediatopic 20001237)