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The Sochi Olympics: AFP to provide exhaustive real-time coverage

AFP is mobilising text, photo, video, graphics and video graphics teams to provide real time coverage in six languages of the Sochi winter Games.

The coverage will be driven by two objectives:
-  Exhaustiveness: text, photo, video and graphics in six languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Arabic.) More than ever, AFP is an Olympic agency.
-  Real time: AFP is also a sports news agency, and sport means live. The agency’s production, editing and distribution capacity guarantees that clients will receive coverage in real time.

This exceptional coverage is at the heart of AFP’s strategy to become the world’s leading provider of sports news.

AFP is sending 70 special envoys of 17 nationalities to cover the 22nd Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, from February 7-23. Backed by AFP bureaux around the world, they will report and analyse all the sporting action as well as side stories. AFP is offering a range of tailor-made products designed for all platforms, complementing the agency’s traditional production.

Sochi Live, a multi-media text and photo feed, will provide coverage of all aspects of the Games with four themes – ‘on the slopes’, ‘around the slopes’, ‘quotes of the day’ and ‘daily highlights’.
All results in real time along with schedules, medal tables and records will be available via an HTML application which is compatible with all platforms.

More than 12 video reports will be produced daily in English, French and German: reactions from the competitors, impact of the Games on the Russian economy and tourism, and the security deployed for this major event. A package of 30 videos, comprising angled stories and stock images, has been made available to television broadcasters to complement their coverages of the Games.

The agency will transmit more than 2,000 images a day virtually in real time. Slideshows will bring together the pick of the images from the sporting highlights.

Medal tables, specifications of the competitions and descriptions of the sites will be presented in the form of graphics. Special emphasis is being put on videographics, with more than 15 explaining the disciplines and one summing up the Games.

AFP will also be present on social networks through a dedicated team and its journalists on the spot.

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