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A series of appointments to head up AFP's bureaus and departments

Marc Braibant, 57, has been appointed director of the AFP bureau in Montreal, and will take up his duties in August 2013. He was production editor from 2006 to 2011, before becoming one of the persons responsible for design, development and deployment of AFP’s new Iris editorial system.


Delphine Thouvenot, 35, who has headed the editorial staff in the Lyon bureau since 2008, will be the new director of the AFP bureau in Bangkok as of next August. Since joining AFP in 2001, she has worked on the Europe desk in Paris, in the industrial affairs news department, and in the Moscow bureau from 2003 to 2008.


Brigitte Hagemann, appointed to head up the Lisbon bureau, has managed the economic desk since January 2010. She has worked in the economic department for 10 years, first on the desk and then in reporting within the transport and tourism pool. She also served for 5 years in the industrial affairs news department.


Cyril Julien, 43, is the new head of the Tehran bureau, where he has been the deputy director since December 2012. After joining AFP in 1997, he was assigned to sports, then to the Rennes bureau, was in Berlin from 2003 to 2007, and served on the French-speaking desk of the Middle Eastern regional department, before becoming chief editor of the Strasbourg bureau in September 2010.


Now on assignment to the Europe-Africa Editor in Chief, Michel Cariou, 49, will be the new director of the Libreville bureau as of July 2013. He had already served there as a journalist in 1993, and then became director of the Kinshasa bureau in 1997 after a stay on the Africa desk in Paris, before becoming head of the Nairobi bureau until 2009.


Joris Fioriti, 33, appointed as director of the Abidjan bureau, has covered Afghan news in Kabul since December 2011. Having joined AFP in 2003 to cover general news, he also worked in Dakar and in Nancy, and spent several years in the sports department. He will take up his duties in Abidjan next July.


Alexandre Peyrille became the Buenos Aires bureau director in February. Now 40 years old, he was posted to Toulouse in January 2009 as a journalist, and then as news editor in that bureau. His career took him in turn to the sports desk, Strasbourg, Pristina, Kabul and  Mexico City. Alexandre Peyrille also carried out assignments in Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia.


Uta Tochtermann, 46, is appointed deputy to the Europe-Africa director. She joined AFP in 1992 as a photo editor before becoming the deputy head of the photo France desk and then creating and heading up the photo service in Germany.


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