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News agencies AFP, ANSA and DPA have joined forces for the first time to build the European Data News Hub (EDNH) offering free news about the European Union

The news agencies will launch the European Data News Hub (EDNH) in June 2017, offering a rich resource of content free of charge to international media.

The platform will focus on offering data-driven news with added-value packages including photo, video, interactive graphics, still graphics and text stories in five languages. These are English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Datenfreunde GmbH (OpenDataCity), will provide monitoring and audience polling tools on the main European topics dealt with on the EDNH. Any interested media will be able to integrate these tools into their websites.

The European Data News Hub, which will integrate social media, aims to inform and inspire debate about events shaping the lives of people in Europe and across the world, ranging from the state of the environment to the impact of migration or unemployment.

The European Data News Hub (EDNH) will receive a grant from the European Commission but will be fully independent editorially.

AFP, ANSA and DPA will distribute the content on their networks, reaching a worldwide audience including newspapers, TV and radio stations, mobiles, websites and data bases as well as governmental and international institutions.

Following the launch of the hub, other data journalism specialists and news agencies from across Europe will be invited to take part and contribute, creating a truly European data driven news platform.


About AFP:
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