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The European Data News Hub is celebrating its first anniversary

The easily accessible platform which draws on the resources of the news agencies AFP, DPA and ANSA, has been supplying videos, images, texts and graphic content about the European Union for 12 months.

Brexit, exodus and asylum, trade wars, digitalization, terror or EU-expansion - these are just a few of the topics confronting Europe over the last 12 months.

The European Data News Hub ( ), the EU joint website for which DPA, AFP and ANSA supply the content, has been keeping the media and subscribers informed on these topics with comprehensive, multimedia coverage. Users receive free of charge data-based news packages consisting of texts, background material, photographs, video-clips, interactive and informational graphics as well as 3D videos and investigative reports in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The comprehensive news material is completed by polls about European issues which are supplied by Berlin-based Datenfreunde GmbH (OpenDataCity).  In addition to that, their News Monitor service has been providing a detailed insight into the most popular European media topics since July 2018. Interested media are invited to use these tools on their own websites.

In one year of activity, the EDNH has published more than 2,360 news articles in 5 languages about 14 different topics ranging from Brexit (over 420 posts), migration (more than 360), elections and the challenge of populism (over 300 entries), to climate change (about 200), food and agriculture (over 160), the digital revolution (over 130) or trade (around 120). The European Data News Hub has also provided for free to other media and the general public a whole range of multimedia products: over 1,000 infographics, 120 interactive graphics from data dashboards to videographics, 200 photogalleries, 250 videos, and 8 polls on the hottest European issues.  The EDNH is also active on social media with 2,000 tweets in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

One aim of the European Data News Hub is to keep people informed on EU issues and promote discussion on topics which affect people in Europe and the rest of the world.

The project receives funding from the European Commission but its editorial content is impartial. AFP, dpa and ANSA disseminate news content via their networks, reaching numerous newspapers, television and radio stations worldwide along with mobile device users, website hosts and data banks as well as government and international institutions.