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The European Data Hub, co-founded by AFP, launches a new enriched version

Now established as a site of reference for major European issues, the EDNH (European Data News Hub) is launching a new version of its platform. More reactive to European news and accessible in more languages, the EDNH aims to bring online users and global media invaluable insights into the most important issues within the EU. These include Brexit, the European elections, the migrant crisis and policies to fight climate change.

Already available in five languages – English, German, French, Italian and Spanish – it will now also offer Hungarian and Romanian.

In March, the Romanian news agency Agerpres is joining the consortium of news agencies that produce the site – Paris-based AFP, the Italian news agency Ansa and the German news agency DPA.

As it has done for the past two years, the EDNH site will provide European media and users with text, photo, infographics and 3D videos.

AFP’s Europe director Christine Buhagiar said: “We are delighted to contribute to the EDNH in distributing to the public verified facts and correctly sourced data.

“The EDNH is carrying out an essential mission to promote better understanding of the major issues facing the European Union at a time when disinformation campaigns are proliferating”.

The content, which is free of copyright, can be downloaded and published by media and shared by online users.

EDNH content is also distributed worldwide by agencies to their subscribers, newspapers, TV networks, radio stations, to online and mobile sites, data bases and institutions.

The EDNH is subsidised by the European Commission and enjoys full editorial independence, a key to its credibility that is enshrined in its charter that can be freely consulted on its site.


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