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Diversity in AFP’s sports coverage recognised by the Alice Milliat awards

AFP has won the Media Award in the second edition of the Alice Milliat 2022 Trophies for the diversity of its sports coverage. 

This distinction rewards media that have acted to improve the visibility and representation of women’s sport in their coverage and to promote gender equality through its editorial recruitment.

AFP was singled out for its sports service recruitment policy, its coverage of women’s sports events, and its editorial work encouraging reporters to give equal treatment to women and men in their coverage. 

“This trophy is a recognition of the work AFP has been doing for years to increase the visibility of women in sport”, said Emmanuel Pionnier, head of AFP sports. “Women’s sport has a growing place in AFP’s coverage that goes well beyond the champions known to the general public, and this can be seen in the many sports we cover, including tennis, alpine skiing, athletics, judo and football”. 

“We are also delighted to see that more and more women are interested in joining AFP’s sports department, and we encourage them to do so.

He said there was still progress to be made in achieving a satisfactory place for women’s sport in the media, but “as a news agency, we have a major role to play and we take this award as a great encouragement”. 

The awards were created in 2021 as a tribute to the work done by Alice Milliat a century ago to develop women’s sports on an international level, including at the Olympic Games. 

The Alice Milliat Trophies reward those who work daily for women’s sport and gender equality through six categories: the Media Trophy, the Association Award, the Sports Partner Award, the Jury’s Favourite Trophy, the Personality Award and the Parisian Municipal Sports Office Trophy.

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