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The COP21 live on

AFP’s coverage of COP21 features the infographic ‘Target +2°C What’s left to Negotiate’ on the site It presents in a visual and simplified way the emission reductions that have already been achieved and what is left to be done to reach the targets of COP21.

Developed in partnership with the NGO Climate Action Tracker, the infographic allows the user to calculate the work that remains to be done on emission reductions by clicking on the different graphics.


The graphic also allows you to track the commitments made in the COPSs held since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.


The home page is also offering a selection of AFP’s text, photo, video and video graphic coverage of COP21 in English, French and Spanish.

Follow the coverage via live tweets on @AFP#COP21 et @COP21en.

AFP’s archives on environmental issues are available on AFP Forum.



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