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Appointments to head up AFP bureaux*

Charles Onians, 38, a journalist in the Paris Bureau, is to take over as bureau chief in The Hague on September 1.


Emmanuel Duparcq, 38, reporter in the Islamabad bureau, takes over as bureau chief on July 1. He will be responsible for supervising news coverage in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Jean-Luc Bardet, deputy editor-in-chief from 2008 to 2012, took over as Brussels bureau chief on June 18. He is 49 years old.


Guillaume Klein, 35, a journalist in the political department covering the French Prime Minister’s Office, has been appointed to head up the Rabat bureau. He will take over on August 20.


Salomon Ketz, 62, the Baghdad bureau chief, takes over as Beirut bureau chief on July 1. He will supervise news coverage in Lebanon and Syria.

He was replaced, as of June 15, by his deputy, Prashant Rao.


Barry Parker, 55, deputy editor-in-chief, will takes as Sydney bureau chief on November 1, replacing Marc Lavine, the future editor-in-chief for the Asia-Pacific region.


Philippe Alfroy, 46, is appointed Ankara bureau chief as of August 20. He has covered the French presidency since 2007.


Patrick Lescot, 59, a journalist on the Europe Desk since 2009, has been appointed to head the Beijing bureau as of September 1.


Pierre Briand, 62, a journalist on the Africa Desk, is to take over as Kinshasa bureau chief on July 20.


Giles Hewitt, 49, will manage the Seoul bureau as of September 1. He is currently AFP director for South Asia in New Delhi.


Christian Otton, 41, currently head of the English desk for the Europe-Africa region, will replace Giles Hewitt in heading up the New Delhi Bureau as of September 1.


Jacques Lhuillery, 58, a journalist on the Africa Desk, has been appointed to lead the Tokyo Bureau. He will take up his duties on July 9.


Pierre Ausseill, 44, deputy editor-in-chief, will take over the Rio de Janeiro bureau as of July 23.


* AFP policy requires a turnover of bureau or service chiefs, on average, every four years.

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