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AFPData, a project featuring AFP and three partners, is selected for Google DNI funding

The AFPData project, which is aimed at developing the use of data in newsrooms, has been selected by the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI,, the fund announced in Amsterdam on Thursday. The project brings together Agence France-Presse, automated text specialist Syllabs, data optimisation platform OpenDataSoft and Laptop user experience (UX) designers.

AFPData is a new data-driven editorial ecosystem. The project has three components:

  • Creating original datasets with high editorial added value.

  • Making these datasets -- generated by AFP, its partners or AFP-selected open-data sources – available to newsrooms via Api or by downloading using the OpenDataSoft platform.

  • Using these datasets to automatically or semi-automatically produce live news content.

The project’s objective is to develop datajournalism practices both within AFP and in its clients’ newsrooms. Many newsrooms struggle to adopt datajournalism techniques due to lack of time and resources. At the same time, fact-checking, contextualisation, multiplication of sources and transparency are key factors in the credibility of media organisations in the era of post-truth and information overload.

AFPData aims to make original, reliable, selected and indexed datasets easily accessible in order to assist newsrooms. The project also covers the use of enriched data for automated or semi-automated production and monetization of new types of content.

It is the second time that a project proposed by AFP has been chosen by the Google DNI fund, which has a total of 150 million euros available over three years to support and stimulate innovation in datajournalism practices in Europe. AFPInteractive, a new interactive infographics product launched in 2017, also received support from the fund.

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