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AFP offering coverage on all fronts in the American presidential election

Agence France-Presse is putting in a place an exceptional coverage plan for the US presidential election - blogs, social network posts, live reports and multimedia packages will provide both breaking news coverage and behind-the-scenes reports.

AFP will combine its international perspective on the news with the access its reporters have to the candidates and their campaigns to provide varied and rich coverage from the campaign trail in text, photo, video, infographics and video graphics.

A multimedia AFP team launched a ten-day reporting blitz across Iowa on January 22 in the run-up to the state caucus that traditionally marks the start of the long campaign to choose the next president of the United States.
AFP will provide multimedia production with analyses on the progress of the campaign, the main issues, the debates and the candidates.

AFP is also offering four new features for the 2016 campaign :

- The US presidential campaign will figure prominently in the Agency’s main social network accounts : Twitter (@afp, @afpphoto), Facebook (, Instagram (@afpphoto), Tumblr (  and Snapchat (afpnews).
The Agency’s US team will also be Tweeting on their personal accounts – (
- a behind-the-scenes blog from the campaign trail will be published each week on the wire and also in the US Politics category of Online News, the ready-to-use multimedia product for Web sites, mobile platforms and public screens. AFP journalists will describe their campaign experiences and share anecdotes.
- live reports will be regularly available via ScribbleLive and the Agency will offer fixed and interactive graphics and videographics.
- live video coverage will be provided throughout the campaign.

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