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AFP environment correspondent Marlowe Hood wins top climate journalism award

The BBVA Foundation has given its third Biophilia Award for Environment Communication to AFP environment correspondent Marlowe Hood, hailing him as “one of the foremost environmental journalists and communicators of his generation”.

In its award citation, the foundation said that Hood’s work stands out “for his ability to synthesize complex scientific models and studies and explain them in simple terms, but also for his broad vision in communicating climate change”.

The award is not for a single piece of work but is given to “communications professionals who have contributed decisively to inform individual and collective engagement with the ecological challenges of our time.”

Hood has been a science, environment and health correspondent at AFP since 2007 and since 2016 is also its global coordinator for coverage of climate change.

“The award is the latest recognition of AFP’s international, multimedia coverage of the climate crisis” said AFP Global News Director Phil Chetwynd.

“This prize is a worthy recompense for Marlowe’s pioneering role in the development of climate coverage at AFP and in the wider journalism community”, Chetwynd said. “Marlowe has played a significant role in making the future of the planet and the climate emergency clear editorial priorities for AFP’s 1,700 journalists around the world.”

“This award is doubly gratifying for me because it clearly recognizes the role of international agencies in the global news ecosystem.” said Marlowe Hood

The Biophilia Award was launched by the BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) Foundation in 2019 to recognize the work of professionals and organizations in any country that have contributed exceptionally to improving public understanding and awareness of ecological issues. 

Earlier editions were won by BBC environmental reporter Matt McGrath and the British daily The Guardian.

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