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AFP : Emmanuel Hoog, Chairman and Chief Executive, announces his candidacy for a second term

Emmanuel Hoog, Chairman and Chief Executive of AFP, will ask a meeting of the agency's board of Directors on April 4 to reappoint him when his current term expires on April 15.

Mr Hoog cites two main reasons in support of his decision:

1. All reform takes time and requires stability and continuity of leadership if it is to be effective. "In 25 years, AP and Reuters have had two presidents each while AFP has had eight. Such instability hinders proper performance by the business," Mr Hoog said.

2. Continuity alone is not enough unless it is supported by an ambition to innovate, advance and build. This ambition takes the form of five priority challenges that AFP must meet if it is to expand its role in tomorrow's media, backed by its values of independence, high standards and reliability :

  • AFP must build international income growth relays: a video offer designed to match AFP's success in photography, sports coverage worthy of our place among the world's top agencies and multimedia products adapted to our clients' mobility needs.
  • We must establish a dynamic strategy in France to maintain the agency's leadership in the national market and to remain not just a medium of reference but the indispensable operator.
  • We must revise our relationship with the French government by settling a suit filed in Brussels that paralyzes any mobilization of new public resources and delays the negotiation of our next objectives and resources contract with the state.
  • We must revamp of our production and publishing tool to make AFP a truly multimedia business.
  • We must reconstruct the technical, administrative, commercial and editorial facilities at our Paris headquarters.

"I will meet these challenges with consistency, determination and the help of the agency's entire staff. These are the reasons for my candidacy for a new three-year term," Mr Hoog said.

About AFP :
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