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AFP deploys biggest-ever multimedia operation for 2014 Football World Cup

AFP has mobilised more than 180 staff to cover the Football World Cup in Brazil – the largest ever deployment of human and technical resources in the agency’s history.

The Agency’s text, photo, video, graphics, video graphics and technical teams are providing real time coverage in six languages of the 20th Football World Cup.

One hundred fifty “specials” -- journalists and technicians of 35 nationalities – have been assigned to the 12 cities where the national teams will be competing.  They are reporting on the matches, the players, the training sessions, the press conferences and the fans’ reactions.
In parallel with the sports coverage provided by these special envoys, the staffing has been reinforced at AFP’s Rio, Sao Paulo and Brasilia bureaux which are reporting on all of the political and social news breaking alongside this global event.

In Paris, 35 journalists have been assigned to edit and distribute all the production.

Every day, AFP will send an average of 500 stories in six languages (French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and German).

Our photographers will transmit more than 2,000 photos daily, in near real time. Some will be taken by robotic cameras set up on the roofs of the stadiums.  In addition to these photos, 26,000 archive images from previous World Cups since 1930 have been made available.

More than 15 videos in English and French will be produced each day and translated into a dozen languages. In addition, the most remarkable goals and moves of each match will be reproduced in 3D video accompanied by statistics (trajectory, distance, off-sides).

Infographics and video graphics will provide a better understanding of the team line-ups, team histories, the stadiums, etc.  

These different types of content are available in our new range of online and mobile applications. More than 60 clients worldwide have chosen AFP’s applications to distribute World Cup results, illustrated live commentary, dispatches, photos and videos.

AFP is also present on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest thanks to a dedicated team in Paris and journalists on the ground who are posting anecdotes and side stories.

The tournament ends with the final in Rio on July 13.


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