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AFP appoints new bureau chiefs, heads of service

Emmanuel Giroud, 46, has been appointed head of the Cairo bureau and will take up the post in August. Hired onto AFP's international desk in 1996, he has worked in Lyon, Ajaccio and Nairobi. Emmanuel also ran the Islamabad bureau for several years and was chief of the Europe desk in Paris prior to this latest appointment.

Stefan Smith, 41, is the new director of our Nairobi bureau. For the past three years he has been on our team of editors in charge of technical operations and development. Stefan joined the agency in 1997 in Islamabad and has worked with the English service in Phnom Penh, Tehran and New Delhi, where he was the deputy bureau chief.

Odile Duperry, who started out in AFP's audio service in 1986, will in December take up the position of head of the Athens bureau. Odile, 52, was editor-in-chief at the Rennes office from 1989 to 1992 and then assigned to cover judicial matters. She worked in our economics service in Paris, and then in London, before taking up the reins of the Bordeaux bureau in September 2010.

The new director of our Kinshasa bureau is Marc Jourdier, 41. With AFP since 2000 when he joined the economics service, he worked on the French desk at our Middle East headquarters in Nicosia before moving to Washington in 2008 to be part of the economics team.

Sophie Huet-Truphème, 49, is the new head of Infographics at our Paris headquarters, having run the France police and justice service for the past four years. At AFP since 1991, she has worked at regional offices, in Rennes and in Marseille where she was editor-in-chief. She has also been based in Washington and was a chief editor for coverage of France.

There are also new directors for three of our French-language services in Paris: Hervé Bar, 41, heads up the Africa desk; Jean-Louis Doublet, 53, the economics desk; and Philippe Valat, 55, the Europe desk.

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