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AFP announces a series of appointments

Juliette Hollier-Larousse, Director of the Latin American region, is appointed as Video Director.
A graduate of France's CFJ Journalism School and with a Bachelor's degree in history, Juliette Hollier-Larousse joined Agence France Presse in 1988. She began as a reporter in Marseilles, then Nice, shifted to the Audio Service, and subsequently worked on the General News Desk and on the Africa Desk. Moving to Nairobi, she was first a reporter and then Bureau Chief, in charge of covering East Africa. Later she was appointed as interim head of the Europe Desk, head of Infographics and International Multimedia Coordinator, before becoming assistant to the Managing Editor for News in June 2009. She has been Director of the Latin American region since July 2012.

Marie-Noëlle Vallès, Video Director, is joining the Sales and Marketing Department. She will work directly with Stéphane Marcovitch, its Director. She will provide her expertise and competence on behalf of development of the video sales, a major focus of the agency’s recovery and development plan.
Marie-Noelle Vallès joined Agence France-Presse in 1989 as a text journalist and has been based in Paris, London and Madrid – and in particular she has been a special correspondent in Latin America and the Middle East. She was a deputy to AFP's global news editor before joining the video department in 2009 to train as a reporter. Marie-Noëlle Vallès, based in Paris, has headed AFP’s Video Service since 2010.

Pierre Ausseill, Director of the Rio de Janeiro bureau in Brazil, is appointed as Director for the Latin American region. 
Holding a bachelor’s degree in modern literature by the Journalism School of Lille, Pierre Ausseil began his journalistic career in Paris for the agencies Sygma and then Associated Press. He was hired by AFP in January 1996 to work in the General News Service as a journalist seconded from Paris to the Palais de Justice (Courthouse) of Paris. He then became Editorial Manager of the regional bureau of Libreville, Gabon, serving from the end of 1999 to the end of 2003. After returning from Central Africa, he spent a few months on the “Grande Nuit” (night shift) desk in Paris before his appointment to the Madrid bureau, where he served as Editor and then as Chief Editor, between August 2004 and September 2010. After returning to Paris, he joined the staff of the Europe–Africa Editor in Chief as assistant responsible for Africa. He has led the Rio de Janeiro bureau in Brazil since July 2012.

David Millikin, Director for North America, appointed to head up the Sydney, Australia, bureau.
After studying at the University of Massachusetts, Millikin joined AFP in 1983 as a journalist on its Hong Kong desk and then the English desk in Paris. He put in stints as correspondent in Washington, news editor in Jerusalem, and English Service chief in Paris before being appointed as Sydney bureau chief and then State Department correspondent. He headed up Newswag, an AFP subsidiary in San Francisco, before returning to Washington as Chief News Editor for North America. He has been Director of the North American Region since April 2012.

Brigitte Dusseau, former Director of the New York bureau, is named Director for the North American Region.
Holding a diploma from Journalists Training Center, from the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 and from the Université de Grenoble, Brigitte Dusseau joined AFP in 1984 to work on the foreign desk in Paris, before being transferred to the Lyon bureau, to the France desk, to Management and Labour Affairs and to the Political Service. She then spent a great part of her career working for AFP in the United States. She reported on various sectors there from 1995 to 1999. She then took part in creating AFP’S French desk in Washington, which she headed from 1999 to 2003, and she also served as head of the New York bureau from 2011 to 2016. She also worked as Editor in Chief of the London bureau from 2004 to 2007, Assistant Editor in Chief, and then as Editor in Chief in Paris, from 2007 to 2011.


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