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Past projects

ChronoLines: interactive timelines

ChronoLines is a linguistic and information processing tool allowing to build interactive multimedia timelines.

OTMedia: transmedia observatory

OTMedia analyses news propagation between AFP, social networks, online press, radios and televisions.

Glocal: events search engine

Glocal is a search engine for media events allowing to generate web pages, geographical mashups and timelines.

EDyLex: semantic annotation

Edylex enhances semantic annotation of documents through the detection of proper names and neologisms for linguistic processing and speech transcripts.

Samar: multimedia analysis in Arabic

Samar is a content management system allowing a linguistic processing of Arabic news, to extract knowledge, to transcript the video audio track and to translate Arabic to French and/or English.

RMM2: Relax Multi Media 2

RMM2 allows to visualize tourism and/or leisure news on the web and mobile interfaces.

Scribo: semantic annotation

Scribo is an open source tool for the annotation of documents based on ontologies (modelling knowledge in semantic web).

Papyrus: scientific library of news

Papyrus uses semantic web technologies, allowing to navigate through the history of science and technology, within to AFP's and Deutsche Welle's news.

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