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AFP teams up with Yahoo! Hispanics America for exclusive US election video

AFP is pleased to announce an exclusive series of reports for Yahoo! Hispanics America on the key issues facing Latinos in the US election.

Quality entreprise journalism, high-definition video, and ready-to-air Spanish-language narration combine in this production available exclusively for Yahoo! From immigration policy, to the economy; from the rising Mexican-American stars of California politics, to Washington insiders, to Puerto Rican and Cuban communities in Florida -- these compelling portraits and stylized storytelling are a hallmark of AFPTV's international, award-winning video style.

AFPTV's election video series can be viewed on Yahoo! sites in the Americas:ópez-220008435.html

AFPTV's US and international production in Spanish and Portuguese can be viewed at Yahoo's numerous channels, for North, Central and South America as well as Spain and Portugal.

AFP made history as the first agency to offer full HD coverage, producing some 170 videos per day from more than 90 video journalism units operating around the world. AFPTV delivers videos to clients in seven languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic and Polish), as well as naturalsound versions without voiceover to satisfy all broadcasters' needs.

AFPTV also offers custom services for media clients including special assignments and production assistance.

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