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AFP interactive: one of the 128 projects selected by the Google Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund

The AFP interactive project, initiated a year ago and based on the creation of a platform of interactive graphics, has been selected by the Google Digital News Initiative Fund, which aims to support innovation for European News publishers.

The new platform of interactive graphics is intended for AFP clients using web and mobile media formats throughout the world.

These high-quality news-orientated graphics deal with all the latest current events, economic issues, politics and sport.

They will be translated into the six working languages of AFP. Hosted by the AFP, they will be integrated across all digital platforms in responsive manner. A link accessing these formats will be available to clients via a dedicated hub.

The project involves creating interactive graphic units, establishing an infrastructure for production and translation, and a beta platform to demonstrate and deliver the product to clients.

Drawing upon the expertise of the AFP Graphics Department, which was set up in 1988, the development of these interactive modules involves close collaboration between the newsroom, a data journalist, a designer and a developer.  It is founded on the pillars of professional journalism, user friendly web design and the latest online technology.

The development of these interactive graphics is also intended to highlight the growing importance of data journalism at the heart our newsrooms.