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News Xchange: 12 - 14 November 2014 - Prague, Czech Republic

Session: Information / Influence / Impartiality

When making editorial choices for the coverage of major conflicts such as in the Middle East or in Ukraine, media organizations inadvertently or perhaps inevitably play to interests of our perceived audiences. What for some media is considered a perspective can be seen by others as an agenda. Reporting with a subjective point of view is sometimes presented as the new way of telling stories in the digital age. Is the concept of objectivity outdated? Is impartiality overrated? Are conflicting narratives equally valid? What does the audience expect? In this session we will look at specific examples with broadcasters from Russia, Brazil and Qatar. We will also look at what happens when slickly-produced and often disturbing news content comes from sources such as the Islamic State group which has an extreme agenda. What challenges does this pose for media organizations and viewers?


Produced by Marie-Noelle Valles, AFP
Moderator: Phil Chetwynd, AFP
Participants: Kelly Jarrett, Al Jazeera English;  Anissa Naouai, RT; Marcos Uchoa, TV Globo



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