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The first worldwide video agency to provide HD

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AFP covers global news through its network of video journalists who provide video production 24 hours per day with consistently high image, video writing and script quality.

The Agency was the first to provide video in High Definition. AFP offers a complete range of editorial formats, from raw footage to fully edited and voiced investigative reporting.

  1. 200
    videos / day

    AFP produces on average 200 videos per day, from breaking news to timeless feature pieces.

  2. 7

    Videos are available in French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Polish.

  3. 9

    Products adapted for different broadcast, web, tablet, mobile formats, etc.

AFP’s 200 bureaux produce more than 200 videos in 7 languages daily.

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AFP provides video coverage 24 hours per day right from where events are taking place, as well as daily and weekly production forecasts.

Over 90 video production centres supported by AFP’s 200 bureaux produce more than 200 videos in 7 languages daily.



Our commitments

  • Stringent standards for image quality, video writing and scripting
  • In depth coverage before, during and after the event
  • Journalists based throughout the world with in-depth local knowledge



6 languages German, English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

7 formats  Products adapted for web, tablet and mobile platforms:

  • Broadcast : Mpeg4 HD, Mpeg2 16/9 et 4/3
  • Web : Mpeg4 HD, Mpeg2, QuickTime, Flash, WMV
  • Mobile : QuickTime, H.264



  • 20/09/2014 - 23:42

    Romanian PM launches presidential campaign

    Dopesheet -VAR shots of members and supporters of the Social-Democrat Party (PSD) -Romanian pop singers perform-VAR of video message-VAR of Victor Ponta and his wife Daciana arrive for the event -VAR of Ponta listening to the Romanian national anthem...

  • 19/09/2014 - 17:22

    Catalonia president Mas hails Scotland's "democratic" referendum

    SHOT LIST:BARCELONA, SPAIN. 19 SEPTEMBER 2014. SOURCE: AFPTV- VAR press gather at Palau de la Generalitat, Barcelona- President Artur Mas arrivesSOUNDBITE 1 - Artur Mas, President of Catalonia (man, English, 31 sec): "After seeing the strong message ...

  • 17/09/2014 - 18:53

    Uruguayan actress ‘China’ Zorrilla dead at 92

    7 AFP PHOTOS:BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, MARCH 14, 2012SOURCE: AFP PHOTO - Alejandro Pagni Uruguayan actress China Zorrilla performs in the play "Las d'enfrente", at the Nacional Cervantes theatre in Buenos Aires, to celebrate her 90th birthday.BUENOS A...