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The first worldwide video agency to provide HD

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AFP covers global news through its network of video journalists who provide video production 24 hours per day with consistently high image, video writing and script quality.

The Agency was the first to provide video in High Definition. AFP offers a complete range of editorial formats, from raw footage to fully edited and voiced investigative reporting.

  1. 200
    videos / day

    AFP produces on average 200 videos per day, from breaking news to timeless feature pieces.

  2. 7

    Videos are available in French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Polish.

  3. 9

    Products adapted for different broadcast, web, tablet, mobile formats, etc.

AFP’s 200 bureaux produce more than 200 videos in 7 languages daily.

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AFP provides video coverage 24 hours per day right from where events are taking place, as well as daily and weekly production forecasts.

Over 90 video production centres supported by AFP’s 200 bureaux produce more than 200 videos in 7 languages daily.



Our commitments

  • Stringent standards for image quality, video writing and scripting
  • In depth coverage before, during and after the event
  • Journalists based throughout the world with in-depth local knowledge



6 languages German, English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

7 formats  Products adapted for web, tablet and mobile platforms:

  • Broadcast : Mpeg4 HD, Mpeg2 16/9 et 4/3
  • Web : Mpeg4 HD, Mpeg2, QuickTime, Flash, WMV
  • Mobile : QuickTime, H.264


  • Satellite
  • FTP
  • Download platform  (AFP Forum)


  • 24/05/2015 - 16:42

    London hosts tattoo show

    SHOT LISTLONDON, UK. 23 MAY, 2015 SOURCE: AFPIMAGES- WS of two rows of booths as customers are tattooed- VAR of a man drawing a tattoo of former Brith Prime Minister Winston Churchill onto a customers leg- VAR of woman getting a tatto of Game of Thro...

  • 24/05/2015 - 01:15

    Cheers and tears as Ireland approves gay marriage

    DUBLIN, IRELAND, 23 MAY 2015SOURCE: AFPTVIMAGES - 02:01- VAR of people celebrating in the streets of Dublin after the Yes vote has won in the referendum///-----------------------------------------------------------------Cheers and tears as Ireland ap...

  • 23/05/2015 - 20:52

    US cop acquitted after shooting death of two African Americans

    CLEVELAND, OHIO, 25 NOV 2014 SOURCE: AFPTV IMAGES - 00:24- VAR of protests after the death of Tamir Rice.CLEVELAND, OHIO, 23 MAY 2015SOURCE: CBS*RESTRICTIONS:NO RESALE for non-editorial purposesNo JapanNo Free over-the-air broadcasters in Australia N...

  • 23/05/2015 - 02:03

    Obama double shakes up Havana art festival

    SHORTLIST: HAVANA, MAY 22, 2015SOURCE: AFPTV IMAGES - 01:24- VAR Obama double at the bar "O'Reilly 304", drinking a mojito- VAR double double walking in Old Havana- VAR of Obama double inside an art gallery///--------------------ADDITIONAL INFORMATI...

  • 22/05/2015 - 15:50

    Depardieu back in the USSR at Cannes

    SOUNDBITECANNES, FRANCE, 22 MAY 2015SOURCE AFPTVIMAGES: 21 sec-MS arrival of Gérard Depardieu at press conferenceSOUNDBITE 1: Gérard Depardieu, actor (man, French, 21 sec)"I'm like everyone else, conflicts are very annoying, but Mr. Putin I know hi...


  • INA

    INA, the world's first audiovisual center for digital archiving and database value-creation, has conferred on AFP part of the distribution of its photographic and audiovisual archives. Photos taken during the filming of television shows in the 60s and 70s that showcase celebrities from the world of the arts, of show business, of sports and politics; videos of the first TV appearances for major personalities, moments in history, historical places, illustrative images of major economic and technological events, scenes from daily life, celebrity interviews, are all examples of relevant images that will help AFP's international clients bring further perspectives on their topics.

  • Paris Modes

    Fashion, luxury, beauty