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Setting the standard internationally

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The AFP provides 16 major news services, which are verified and broadcast in real time.

Thanks to its international network and editorial expertise, the AFP is able to provide high quality text services to press, audiovisual, mobile and online news professionals.

New streaming apps could boost citizen journalism

When three buildings collapsed and ignited a blaze in New York, a smartphone app brought the live video feed to anyone online wanting to watch.

  1. 5.000
    dispatches, 1.250 as illustrated articles, per day
  2. 6
    major languages

    French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Portuguese

  3. 23

    Stories delivered in XML format Metadata for optimal integration.

5000 dispatches, 1250 as illustrated articles, per day, 6 majors languages

The AFP’s text services provide everything from breaking news to features, reports, interviews and profiles.

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All news categories are covered, with a particular focus on politics, economics, sport and social issues.

All stories are subject to our rigorous rules on verification, contextualisation and perspective.

AFP journalists on the ground in France and around the world, at times of war and peace, constantly strive to meet the expectations of news professionals in terms of speed and reliability.



Each and everyday, an average of :

French: 1.500 stories
English: 700 stories
Spanish: 400 stories
Arabic: 250 stories
Deutsch: 200 stories
Portuguese: 150 stories


Coverage which is both regional and international

AFP covers both international and regional news. This is why every text service has its own specific regional identity combining world news and news from the continent and area where it is based.
AFP’s text services regularly publish editorial calendars and memos that enable our customers to plan news coverage. Regional agendas list major events scheduled to take place the following day, week and month. Detailed regional coverage forecasts are also updated and made available several times per day.
AFP’s network is present in 150 countries throughout the world. The Agency has some 2,200 employees, of 80 different nationalities who keep constant watch on developments, from a multicultural perspective. The responsiveness of the Agency’s network means that teams can be moved quickly to global hotspots.

AFP’s text products can be used either via access to the complete content of one or more services, or via a category based selection in one or more languages, according to client needs.

AFP’s text services are covered by a global news reporting policy, which also includes the photo, video, graphics and multimedia services.

Thousands of customers all over the world use AFP’s text services on a daily basis to meet their various needs:

  • News professionals
  • Suppliers and integrators of mobile and multimedia services
  • Companies and Institutions
  • Public screen network operators
  • Available languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Portuguese
  • Metadata: keywords, IPTC, financial codes. All AFP stories contain themed keywords describing the key news points, along with IPTC tag names. Stories covering listed companies include the company’s stock market value code.
  • Availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Disseminated: internationally.
  • Delivery: satellite, FTP, download site AFP Forum
  • Technical formats: NewsML-G2, IIM, NewsML-1.1, ANPA
  • 29/03/2015 06:17

    New streaming apps could boost citizen journalism

    When three buildings collapsed and ignited a blaze in New York, a smartphone app brought the live video feed to anyone online wanting to watch.

  • 29/03/2015 06:15

    Lee Kuan Yew Singapore state funeral: LIVE REPORT

    04:03 GMT - Lee Kuan Yew Singapore state funeral: LIVE REPORT - WELCOME TO AFP'S LIVE REPORT on the funeral of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding leader, who led the city-state to independence 50 years ago and who died last Monday aged 91. Thousands of Singaporeans have turned out in heavy rain to watch the funeral procession and bid a final farewell to Lee after a week of mourning. A host of former and current world leaders are set to attend, including Bill Clinton, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australia's Tony Abbott and William Hague, who is representing ex-colonial power Britain.

  • 29/03/2015 00:17

    Late goals save day for Netherlands, Italy

    The Netherlands and Italy needed late equalisers to earn draws in Euro 2016 qualifying on Saturday, while Gareth Bale inspired Wales to a fine win in Israel that left them top of their group.

  • 28/03/2015 12:03

    Lights out in Australia as Earth Hour kicks off

    The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the sails on the nearby Opera House went dark Saturday, as lights on landmarks around Australia were switched off for the global climate change awareness campaign Earth Hour.

  • 28/03/2015 11:00

    Nigerian president quits voting station after tech glitch

    Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan turned up Saturday to accredit himself and his wife Patience for his re-election bid but problems with new voting technology forced to him to temporarily abandon his plans.

  • 28/03/2015 23:58

    Brazil uncovers multibillion-dollar tax fraud

    Dozens of Brazilian firms, including industrial companies and banks, are under investigation amid allegations they paid $5.9 billion in bribes to tax officials, police said Saturday.

  • 28/03/2015 13:17

    China Construction Bank net profits climbs 6%

    China Construction Bank, the nation's second largest lender by assets, said its net profit rose six percent in 2014 from a year earlier, as interest income rose.

  • 28/03/2015 11:02

    Russia 'to join China-led development bank'

    Russia is to sign up to the Chinese-led development bank AIIB, first deputy prime minister Igor Shuvalov said Saturday at an international forum in China, cited by Russian news agencies.

  • 28/03/2015 06:27

    Microsoft buys Office collaborator app LiveLoop

    Microsoft said it has purchased the office mobile app LiveLoop, which allows multiple users to collaborate on PowerPoint presentations simultaneously.

  • 27/03/2015 23:24

    Europe hoists first navigation satellites post mislaunch

    Europe launched two navigation satellites Friday for its rival to America's GPS system, the first additions to the Galileo constellation since a technical mishap misdirected two orbiters last year.