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23/04/2014 - A Brazilian Police Special Forces member aims his gun as a man walks past with his arms up during a violent protest in a favela near Copacabana

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23/04/2014 - A man with a seagull on his head smiles at tourists near the harbour in Sydney

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23/04/2014 - A woman sitting on a camel is pictured by tourists at the Mount of Olives overlooking the Dome of the Rock in East Jerusalem

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23/04/2014 - Bahraini protestors clash with riot police following the funeral of Ahmed al-Mosajen and Ali Abbas, Bahrainis who died when their vehicle exploded two days ago, in the village of al-Maqsha, west of Manama

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23/04/2014 - Officers of the Serbian Army stand guard as they attend a memorial service during the Holocaust Remembrance Day in Belgrade, in front of the monument commemorating the victims of the Staro Sajmiste World War II concentration camp

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23/04/2014 - Egyptian police look on during the trial of 20 indivuduals, including three Al-Jazeera journalists, accused of links with the banned Muslim Brotherhood in the police institute near Cairo's Turah prison

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23/04/2014 - Native American tribal leaders sit on horses in front of the US Capitol in Washington as the Cowboy and Indian Alliance protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline

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23/04/2014 - A bee flies next to a dandelion flower on a spring day in Popielarze near Warsaw

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23/04/2014 - Chelsea's Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho (L) watches as Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech leaves the field after injury at the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid

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23/04/2014 - A Muslim boy carries a carpet as he gathers some belongings with his family waiting to be evacuated, near the mosque of the PK 12 district of Bangui

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